Unable to use Powerpass


I would like to start off with saying that this game is sooooo good. Really been enjoying the beta and cannot wait to play it once released. #Hypeeeeee

I have completed Ealyn’s Gift on my Berserker and would like to boost my Deathblade in order to try out the class. However, the Powerpass button is greyed out (which seems to be the case for few other players). Would it please be possible to resolve this?

Server: Galatur (EU)
Character name: Ichy

Thanks in advance! :blush: :heart:

// Soddah


make sure to use the item in your inventory first, i did the same mistake :smiley:

Haha, thanks a lot for the quick reply and of course, that was the case for me too.
My Deathblade is now boosted and thanks once again :slight_smile: :heart:

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