Unable to use Secret Map

I received a secret map, went to the location where it says I am at the entrance, but I am unable to see any notification and spam pressing G in the area does not open up any portal

Not sure how to tell you this, but based on your minimap position and the map you showed, you are in the wrong place. The direction suggestion seems to be in error relative to the map marking.

based on the X mark, you need to be on the other area segment.

But a full map display shot would really help, this cut off view makes it somewhat difficult to tell.

I can show you the full map in a bit, the map is rotated for some legendary/relic maps as this one is. But as you can see it says I am at the entrance and I walked around both the top and the bottom section with no portal chance proc.


Well this is a sticky wicket. I’ve never seen a map be rotated relative to the minimap, but I assume that’s a ‘feature’ of gold quality ones then. (Having never had one to use myself.)

The best I can figure is that it’s an elevation issue. Either the entrence is somehow displaced in the world, or you need to be on the elevated platform to the south to open it up, instead of the hidden area ‘below’ it vertically.

I’m going to assume you checked that possibility already, but if you haven’t that might be what’s tripping the in game directions up. That those directions never count the ‘height’ of any distance in their steps.

Sorry for the late reply, I was at the end of my rope and needed sleep when I did so originally.

Is that a relic one or a legendary one ? I see it like a relic one ?

Relic map

I am not sure if all higher tier maps are rotated but I have noticed that some of them are. In the most recent set you can see that at the zipline which is the area above there is nothing there and it tells me the entrance is to the northeast.

Then I would take the zipline down and you can see I’m basically smashed in the corner there and again it says that I am on top of the entrance, but no portal proc above my head.

Oh if its a relic map , u need the map song.
U have to do adventure tome ( 60% if its feiton [dont remember the song name] ) and sing the song at the entrance. Then the portal will open.
Your at the right position. You have to sing to the statue near you.
I had the same problem and I searched about it and found that. It worked. @KTCAOP

good luck. Have fun. Trust me its insane amount of rewards.
11K raw gold. 20 large life shard pouches. 200 moon breaths :slight_smile:

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i logged and got a screenshot for you !!

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Ah I have the song, I did not know that I needed to play the song to prompt it. I’ll give it a shot.

Was there a tooltip or something that I missed?

just use the song and go in. there is a chest , open it. thats it.