Unable to use the " ù " key as a hotkey since january

Since january I have been unable to use the " ù " key on AZERTY keyboard since the patch from january. I made a post on january 18 that went unnoticed sadly.
as mentionned :

  • ù changed to = (and alt+ù became alt+=)
    I am unable to change back my hotkeys to ù ( when I press ù it appears as a " ` " which is weird ) , everytime I save it it automaticaly change it back to “=” .
    I cannot register " ) " as a key too, everytime I close the menu and opens its backup it turns empty

after asking some of my friends they are also unable to bind the ù key too.
While its unimportant for most it is quite painful for me as I use l m ù * as my main hotkeys as I am lefthanded.

Thanks for bringing this up again and apologies your older thread was not seen to, I’ll file a bug report for the team!

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