Unable to use Vern Powerpass, attempted just about everything

Hit 50, completed Vern and sailed to Shushire on first character on my account. Checked mail on main character, received gold ticket looking item labeled Powerpass in inventory and used it. Went back to character selection screen, attempted to use it on a level 12 character. Didn’t show up after clicking on the character to select it, then clicking bottom right yellow button for power pass. Tried this on a level 10 character and a freshly-created level 1 character as well. I ensured all of the characters I was trying to use the pass on were on the same server as the character I hit 50 with. Tried suggestions to create another character on a separate server, access the game, then quit out and try to use pass back on original server. I have also attempted restarting my game several times throughout the troubleshooting process, as well as a full reinstall of the game this morning. Am I missing something here? Any help towards getting me to be able to use this pass would be very nice :')

All of them are currently disabled till they get the punika power pass sorted out

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Thanks, not sure how I managed to miss that.

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