Unable to use vern powerpass

I’m not sure why but I can’t use my vern powerpass at all on any of my characters, I was able to use the punikka powerpass on my bard but I created a Shadowhunter and when trying to use the yellow powerpass button on the SH, I’m met with no options. I also tried using the create character on different server method and going back to my main server to fix it as explained in this post Powerpass no image bug - #8 by randomguy but even that did not fix it for me. I know I’ve used the vern powerpass because it shows on the login screen the trixion powerpass right? Am I not powerpassing my shadowhunter correctly or something?

Hello @Oathsworn

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Please refer to the below mentioned post to check the update regarding the powerpass.

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But wait earlier in the day I literally just used activated the Punikka pass and my bard was able to skip torward Punikka, does that mean I activated it prior to the disabling of powerpasses?

If the Powerpass was activated before the service was disabled, It will reflect on the particular character once the issue is resolved.