Unable to Write in Certain Forum Sections

Since yesterday, I have been unable to write in sections other than General Discussions, and noticed there were few other people who were experiencing similar issue. Curious how many other people are experiencing similar problem and would love to get some clarity from moderators. It would also help mods resolve the issue easier if ones who are experience similar technical issue left a reply here perhaps.


I hope it’s not another case of censorship.

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Well, based on the new trailer showing improvements about this controversy, it would be a shame xD

Thanks for the reports, we are investigating what is causing this issue on the backend.

All I know is in my case you have to create threads from the forum select page, the new topic button is greyed out once you select the forum you plan to post on.

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Certain sections have disappeared from category selection if I try to create new topic, and the button for REPLY has been removed for all sections outside of General.

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Probably accidentally infracted you instead of me :joy:

Thanks, I also can’t post or create topics in Game feedbacks, and can’t create topics in General.

We made some changes to the backend, can you please let me know if the issue is resolved? You may need to log out and back in again.

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It’s working for me now. Thanks. I hope problem has been resolved for others as well.

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Hi, I think everything is okay now. I just need to go one step deeper to be able to post :

We need to click on the Game Feedback - 3 unread - 2 new part and not the general game feedback to post. Don’t know if this is intended.

Thank you !

I have the issue too, can’t write in “bugs and localization Feedback” anymore. Tried relogging, didn’t work.

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This happened to several people. Tester status is being stripped from people who participated in the beta and even submitted videos that helped bugs get addressed quick.

Still unchanged for me.

This happened to me for around 2 days, and it happened in both Lost Ark and New World forums.

I was lucky to get a dev to help me, and they said they would look into it.
A day after that I was able to reply and make my own topics in all sections.

You need to try and get seawolf’s attention… like you have… seawolf helped me.

Thank you seawolf.

@Seawolf Sorry but I’m experiencing the same issue, I’m unable to post in “Game Support” and “Bugs & Localisation” categories. Could this be looked after?

(wasn’t sure whether to make a new thread or reply here, it’s the only post I found talking about this issue)

indeed “new topic” button is disabled for some categories since alpha forums however if you go to index page and click new topic there, you can just select desired category just fine.

It is likely that with no live game to experience bugs or support issues with these forum sections have been soft disabled.
We will be overhauling the forums completely prior to launch and we’ll make sure everyone has the ability to create and respond in all sections.


I just tried to create a “New topic” on the “General discussion” section but the button is still grayed out…

It’s grayed out for me as well in most areas.

I wanted to create a new topic in the game support section and I am unable to. Is anybody else having this issue?