Unannounced server updates and incapable of dailies

Why server reset at mid day why we have same reset time with NA
At mid-day reset; force cross-servers activities undoable and make it impossible to queue if we have more logical reset time people do cross-server activities seperate times and it will comfort to queue
most important things many of us cant do their dailies because they think we have time to do but Unannounced server update… and comming weekly reset our dailies gone !

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They announced 3 hours ago, should they call you?

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People either crying about the servers are shit or that they want to fix it but it’s bad for there own schedule.

You should be happy that they still trying to fix the tons of issues, regardless of the downtime

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calling ppl at 5AM is a good idea

How is a weekly maintenance unannounced? It’s in the name, it happens every week, probably at the same time.

There is always another set of dailies waiting for you tomorrow. Think about it like having the chance to take a break from them.

wow has had weekly maintenance for over 18 yrs and not many people are crying about that, the only difference here is the fact its NA based time reset. throw in regional maintenance times and 75% of people would prob still complain about maintenance