Una's daily/weekly

I understand that una’s daily task can’t be repeated on alts. Meaning that you can do one of una’s daily task per character to advance the rep.

My question is in regards to weekly task. If I take the chaos dungeon, guardian raid, proving grounds for my 3 weekly quest…can I take the same quest on my alts for the week as well?

Yes you can. They don’t yield rep rewards.

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thank you

since question has been answered, lil side tip you can get rep advancement for a una daily twice if its the start of a new daily chain.

The same weekly quests can be done on alts and main.
The same Daily quests can be done on alts and main, to get the quest reward.


if you do the same quest, for example the daily PRISONER EMANCIPATION both on ur main and your alts, you can’t get more reputation. you can have maximum +10 on that quest’s reputation per day.

thank you both for your tips