Una's Guild Tasks Bugged?

I’ve not long logged in but it says I’ve completed the guild una’s task(Same with other guild members)?

I have this too.

I’m so low on the bloodstones too T_T

Same happened to me, on third task also

Same I have this for 5 characters in different guilds with different guild weekly tasks.

Yea… same here… i’m pretty sure it’s a bug from the changing wednesday to the reset day… it was reto active for this stuff, so weekly stuff you completed yesterday is counting for this week.

I’m going to add to this:
You can also not accept weekly una tasks that you have completed yesterday (like boss rush, cube etc)

I second this, am also not able to accept weekly una’s that I did before reset yesterday, like boss rush. :frowning:

EDIT: also just remembered I cannot accept the weekly South Vern dungeon quest either, since I also finished it before reset yesterday.

Have the same bug, first login since reset this week and one of them is marked as “Repeat”

I have the same issue for 4 characters - probably I did tasks yesterday, which now doesn’t give Sylmaels. Also, I can’t get Weekly Una’s Tasks which I did before reset - there is only information that the Una’s Task doesn’t reset.

Same deal, I have it on 3 alts in which I ran boss rushes on yesterday.

I have the same issue on my main, haven’t looked at my alts yet, but the two quest that are shown as repeat, I completed yesterday. I suspect that because of the weekly reset shifting to a day earlier, it caused a bug that counted yesterdays completed requests as post reset completion.

Yeah I think the bug is because the new reset is on Wednesday now, and I’ve completed the Cube on Wednesday 29th June, at around 11PM AEST.

The new reset is now every Wednesday now, which means my quest is counted as “done” if the reset is Wednesday + 7 days because it falls under the new “Wednesday to Wednesday” range.

@Roxx can this bug be looked at please?

Please refer to this thread: