Una's points rewards change

Currently, the point system for completing Una’s is as follows:


I propose a small change to this to the following:

  • 25 points - 100 una’s coins
  • 35 points - 200 una’s coins
  • 45 points - 300 una’s coins
  • 55 points - 400 una’s coins
  • 70 points - 500 una’s coins

Now hold on, before you say “thats a lot”, it’s not that big of a change. Currently, if you reach 70 points, you obtain 1,040 una’s coins weekly. Which translates into 2 guaranteed gold chests each week. With 40 coins rolling over each week to the following weeks, it would take you 13 weeks to get a random third chest for the week. (40x13=520) Which, in my opinion, doesn’t feel very good, even though this is a way to get free gold each week as it stands.

My change proposes 3 chests each week as you’d obtain 1,500 una’s coins weekly if you were to complete 70 points each week with no extra to roll over the following week like the current system has. Sure, gold would be obtained slightly faster, but the thick gold bars are so rare, it wouldn’t affect the market that poorly anyway.

Thats actually less than what you get when you hit GS 1415… (You do realize that the rewards scale with GS right?)

haha I wouldn’t know, it’s taking me forever to get to 1415. Honing is a real sunuvabich. (and eats gold quickly, so this change would help that a bit I think)

When you hit 1415, we get more than 1,500.


I didn’t know that. Either way, people like even round numbers. The change wouldn’t be bad, especially since the community-at-large is begging for more ways to earn gold in game anyway.

according to that screenshot, you get 1595 each week at 1415. So, it would take you 6 weeks to get that 4th extra chest at those levels.

No, fixing it to 1500 would hurt everyone in the long run, since everyone will spend more time after hitting 1415 than before hitting 1415.

And if you’re hurting for Gold: Get 5 Alts to 1340 (or at least 1325, that doesn’t even cost Gold except for the few coins in T1/T2…) - Those carried me from 1415 to 1440 where honing is even more expensive…

1500G per char from abyssals per week make a difference :slight_smile:

I don’t have friends that run abyssals at my tier every week. Running with randos is… abyssmal…

This doesn’t make any sense. We’re going to spend more time after hitting 1415 in the long run anyway, right? Like, once you’re 1415, that clock starts ticking and the more you play, the longer the time goes since you hit 1415, effectively making it so you spend more time after hitting 1415 than it took you to hit 1415.

Or am I misunderstanding what you’re trying to say here?

And there is an easy fix for this too… do my change pre-1415, but post-1415 remains unaffected by the change, so really you’re only upscaling a tiny bit post-1415.

I run every run except the one with my main with “randoms” - sometimes even via matchmaking.
The 1370 is sometimes a problem, the 1340 are with rare exceptions 4x first try.#

I am even running 2x Hardmode+Argos P1 with randoms each week.
Argos is usually 2-3 tries and Hardmode more often than not First tries.

If you are having problems, perhaps check if you’re running the right class engraving, etc., bc when it is one, its usually bc someone has 0 engravings or is running something like heavy armor, negative engravings and such.
You rarely have overgeared ppl in the 1325/1340 ones, so everyone has to pull their weight :slight_smile:

What doesn’t make sense? You repeated what I said in other words…

I guess I don’t understand what you were trying to convey there. I feel like its pretty simple logic; of course we’re going to spend more time post-1415 in the long run… so… okay? I don’t understand where that fits into the debate on the subject.

Yea, was just showing how many una tokens we getting post 1415.

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Ah, roger that. Thank you, wasn’t aware of it as I still have yet to hit 1415, obviously. lol

If you dont have the ability to run 2 of the easiest dungeons in the game with pugs maybe just quit now to save time .

Great another “game needs to change because of me” thread.

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Not at all what I was saying. Not even in the slightest.

It fits, because you get 1595 coins per week after 1415.
The suggestion is to always give 1500.

1500 before 1415, 1595 after 1415 - so you’d still get that 4th gold chest every 6 weeks after 1415.

Sry you just ask for 50% more … Everyone gets 100% super easy so this is an unreasonable request
Also this just givebots more gold