Una's Task Daily +1 has a bad translation or bug

Alternative title; how I lost 100 crystals and fell short of the 70 point Una weekly goal by 2 points.
This item claims “The maximum number of [Daily] quests you can add in a day is 3” but immediately goes into full day cooldown when you use one of them. This screwed me out of 50 Una’s Tokens.

Yeah, I’ve been misleaded too; furthermore, when you activate the coupon it says that the +1 will be added AFTER the quest’s list refresh, so weird that it seems intentional…

Yeah, i also thought they would applay the next day (today), as i used some yesterday. But the number of quests i could do, was still at 0. I had already done mine after i bought and used them. A company that clearly don’t care. Just look at how many bots this game have. A GM could just go to Ozhorn Hill and see a lot of them