Una's task pass bug?

Okay today i relaized something. After using my pass for una’s daily mission i saw that reputation status bar is not increasing. If i do the task manually it goes up by 10 points but if i do it with pass nothing happens. Did anyone had this issue ?

I just noticed this. my self I used about 12 of them. and didnt realize it didnt do anything. What a waste of money.

Just used one yesterday and it gave me progress. It was one of the Lopang deliveries if that makes a difference at all.

just to be sure… you can only get 10 points per day per task. You can’t finish the same task on alt (well you can but without rep). So are you using them on unique tasks?

I used them on black fang she drifts. I mean I guess im just crap out of luck then. So just to be sure i can use it on one account only and I will get rep. but if i use on alt for the same account. it wont give me addition rep?

I’m not sure how it is cross server and stuff like that. But you can’t do the same task on alts to finish rep faster. Only one rep per day. You will notice the “blue hearts” (rep) reward will be greyed out for alts if you’ve finished the task that day already.