Una's Tasks - Favorites

Can we get a QOL update to Una’s daily tasks? An option to make it so that tasks that have been marked as favorites are accepted automatically when the day resets would be greatly appreciated.

I say this, because I’ve been trying to do the Una’s task which rewards you with the Eibern’s Wound blueprint (through reputation)… And the quest only gets completed if you’ve accepted it before boarding the ghost ship/killing the boss, which sadly i did not do before hand. Twice. Now i’ve had to wait 2 extra weeks to make any progress on that reputation

Hey @rgdee,

Now, I’m not saying you have to do this method, but who wants to wait 12 weeks to unlock a boat. Not me!

As long as you have completed this task at least once, you can use the una instant complete tickets to automatically complete this quest.

Better yet, you can do it daily, and not weekly, even in days no ghost ships are due to spawn, taking the total time required to 12 days.

Now you might be thinking, but the una complete passes cost crystals, and you are correct, but a good handful of these tickets are also available from the GP vendor. You may have already picked some up already.

Instant una tasks are only reason I exchange my gold for. Lmao. Some una tasks are real pain in the ass