Unbanned 15 days later

Hi Guys, just putting this down in case it helps someone like myself.
Firstly, I am sure all you that said, “you should not have done *****” are going to come and apologise for falsely accusing me… right?

I was Perma banned on the 28th, before the bot banning wave, do not ask me what for because I still have no idea… “Cheating”, which encompasses a broad range of things according to the agent.
This is still a concern because not knowing how I was mistaken for doing wrong means I can’t avoid doing that in the future.
Steps taken in my journey.
Appealed on the 28, 13:07 and received a reply at 13:07 pro forma email.

I Replied to that email and got the other responses we have all seen

Appealed again on the 8th march, and on the 11th someone emailed me and asked for more info and said they would make a case.
On the 12th I emailed asking if they had enough info and to attach a screenshot to the email, this is the response I got back

Waited for a couple of days and nothing, on the 14th I had enough of waiting, so I opened a chat to Game support and was told they could not even look it up! At this point I was just going to keep opening chats until I got someone that was willing to help.

I closed that and opened a chat to accounts support and hit gold, the person that I got was very helpful, and confirmed the previous agent that asked for more info did not actually put in a ticket!, and my one on the 28th was not in the system, so effectively I had been waiting as told for nothing.

He asked for the info which I resent and within 48 hours the ban was lifted.

I would like to note there was other emails and chat in between which all said the same thing, wait, the ”moderation team was very busy”

The whole system is handled by what seems to be semi automation and people that just don’t care to help, until you get an agent that’s actually willing to look into it, your chances of getting unbanned are basically zilch, and the initial response was obviously not even looked into at all, as evidenced by my unbanning.

I can only say to this treated badly and still trying, keep trying until you get an agent willing to resolve the issue, and take email replies of we are looking at it with a grain of salt.

Forum CM’s this is not your issue, I am aware, I am also aware you are taking info back to those that need to know, basically the main problem is the customer service by AGS, there is a huge breakdown there, and its not a fair system, there is no accountability within each department.

We also need a real reason when we get banned, especially when those brief reasons encompass a whole slew of issues, and notification when you are banned AND unbanned, as the only notification you get is on the launcher.


i got 3 days banned just 1 hour ago for ‘‘cheating’’

They mean cheating for play more than 10hours legit while im injured.

Now i have to expain myself and pray for a lift

Thanks amazongames, where you the gamer are a criminal and must prove your innocence

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Hmmm wonder if that me as well, I am semi retired and 10 hours likely is a light day lol, at least yours was only 3 days, mine was a perma ban

How to explain when someone do a shit job and you are affected without offend anyone? that is how i feel now…


10 hours isnt even that long for an mmo… I know alot only play for a few hours a day, but I know alot that play many many hours…

i suppose, but here we are, also i give more visibility linking this other post

also just got a 3 day suspension for “cheating”
game crashed due to the controller/search function bug that they are due to patch, logged back in and I was suspended lol.

I’m also on more than 10 hours most days due to free time atm

I just got a 3 day suspension for “cheating” as well. I was in no way cheating. I have been logging a lot of hours in the game though. Don’t see why that would be cheating.

The power in my area went out today though. My ISP showed an outage. After that I was getting constant disconnects. After one of these disconnects I go to log back in and find that I am suspended.

If this shit takes weeks to sort out then hopefully I can refund/charge back everything I have bought for this game. Because it’s a joke.

I’m in the 3 day cheaters club as well.

Just got banned as well basically 700+ hours here.

Banned or suspended? One is permanent, the other isn’t.

Suspended lol

for 3 days. But date says unbanned on Wednesday

I am glad to hear you got your ban lifted.

It is very clear that Amazon does not manually check these appeals as they claim, there is way too much proof being outright ignored.
There is zero reason why users are being treated like this.
AGS would do well to remember they are not just representing themselves but also Smilegate; and this is not reflecting well.

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The problem is that finding someone that is willing to help is like finding a needle in a haystack. I’m on the 12th day. No replies, all automated responses.

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