Unbanned after 34 days. Crystalline Aura

Hello. I was banned for Commerce Lock and got unbanned after 34 days.

I had an active Crystalline Aura at the time and contacted support regarding this. They told me to make a forum thread cause they couldn’t help me.

So, how do I proceed to get my active Crystalline Aura to the same status prior to the ban?

Iv’e tried several times with Amazon Games support but I get told to e-mail moderator team or make a forum post, but they refuse to give me an e-mail adress. :slight_smile:


if the ban was justified why should they compensate you?

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The ban was lifted …

If it was justified he would still be banned lol


Why? Many bans are temporal only. Even bans for serious TOS violations (ie. bying illegal gold externally).

This wasn’t a temporary ban though. I got permanently banned and after 34 days with tickets, support chats, sending proof and all that I got unbanned again.

Fingers crossed then. Since it took them 34 days to remove ban when proofs of innocence presented it will probably take them ages to compensate your aura. :frowning:
But perhaps you catch attention of some mods here which could accelerate the whole process significantly.

I’m with you bud, but your game experience may be impacted, since you’re 34 days behind because of AGS mistake. If you just want to play casually, you’ll have a good time, but if you want to feel the latest content, you won’t be able to catch up unless you pay and will face a lot of Little Joes that have 20 min / week to play as F2P and already got their 1400s telling that you don’t know how to play.

if it was unjust then oof… i hope you get your aura back

What this “Commerce Lock” even mean, tho? What they “thought” you did that they perma-banned you?

How cos I’ve litterally tried everything and my acc is still banned and i didnt even break the rules. I bought a skin off ah n got permma it says i got perma for refunding somthing i already redeemed. Its be 40+ days. At this point i dnt even care to play LA anymore just need the stupid vac msg on my steam acc to go away =(