Unblock our CM Roxx

Team update! As we have continued our fight against bots and ignoring the community we have also been working at releasing the June update as late as we possibly can while still considering it the june update we will continue our hard fought battle against bots and the community into the forseable future thank you and have fun in New world !

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Tries to protect Roxx :grin:

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Please before June 30th ye?

We are aiming for mid weekend at this time

Seems like the cycle we have here is saying “News is coming very SOON! Look out for it!” over and over again for weeks and then “Wow get hype! Here’s the news we were talking about! You’re welcome!” I know this is not your fault Roxx, but jesus your superiors/management are seriously incompetent. I almost want to start a gofundme for your mental health having to be the one responding for the problems of these monkeys.


Let her breatheeeeee jeeezus
You wanted SOME SORT of communication, she did notify that all the explanations are coming this week to adress everything else that all of us were concerned about…
Lets see what they tell us and THEN complain again

I do appreciate a more detailed pre reset info.
At least not a standard “we will restart servers” message.

Yeah it’s weird they need to make a post for a post they made a month ago with simply more clear information and dates

Like detailing what level the express is and when it comes specifically

We already know what’s coming

Same thing with fixing the Jaguar “mount” to “pet”
Taking them like a week to change

The issue NA has is we get alot of announcements for announcements

We then are told very hallow things like “an express event”
We don’t know if it’s June or July
If it coming in the 30th is basically just July lmao
And we don’t get told the level like 1415 express, 1370 etc

Seems like KR now has stopped caring for NA, even “blocking” ags
Now they focused on the new KR content and want to go back on the “fast content” for NA and just milk the content like classes

My main question is what alterations why are we always fixing things that arent broken and causing them in turn to break and i may be wrong but since when has the majority concern been monetization

If it’s changing how Yoz’s Jar system works, i welcome these changes. If it’s related to fixing the crystal price in the shop so we are able to buy the jar with reasonable crystal price, this change is welcome as well. We’ll see by weekend what changes to monetization they’re implementing.

They will lose ton of money if they released the patch with current Crystal prices. That’s alone of money they’re losing from players. But if they fix the crystal price, alot of potential sales will happen. Legendary skins are their next money maker.

No AGS will not Unblock here, because they care so much about players/community and not their money. Thanks for the hard work AGS stuffs you guys are so knowledgeable about Lost Ark.

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You’ve pre-empted the white knights, whatever shall they do now!?!?!


I feel like there is a wall between every 2 departments in AGS, which they really need to address and get it out of the way.
Feel bad for CMs that getting pressured by the community, and they can do nothing but take the pressure and apologies for something that was clearly not their fault.
Free CMs

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Wow, an American company only worried about its bottom line. Now that’s shocking! :money_mouth_face:

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Every company worries about the bottom line or it’s not a company anymore. This isn’t an “American” thing.

What’s “shocking! :money_mouth_face:” about that?