Unclaimed daily login rewards?

I did not claim many of the daily login rewards since release yet, but now they seem have reset.
Can i still claim my rewards?

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I find this a bit frustrating that they didn’t at least put unclaimed rewards in to the product inventory and just completely reset it. I lost out on my Aura potions because of this.

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I had a lot of unclaimed rewards as well, including unique mount. I honestly expected it to go into mailbox, like most modern MMOs do. There was no indication in-game that it was going to be wiped clean, at least not to my knowledge. Am so disappointed.

Does this happen in KR and RU servers as well?

I want to try asking support for help, where do I go for that?

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Lol what just claim them how hard was it


Tbh that’s on you. You should have claimed them when they were available.
Also there was a notice about new login rewards. Sorry if it sounds harsh but there is nobody to blame but you. :frowning:


Everytime I log in, the very first window to pop up is the daily log in reward. You can’t avoid to see that window, if you don’t use escape or close that window in the upper right corner.

I don’t see why people can’t just click the daily and be done with it when this is the first thing that will be displayed on screen after you have gone past character selection screen and enter game.

When you click on your daily log in reward it will be then sent into your email, so in case there is not much space in your character inventory, you can keep it there until you need to take it out (email might also have time limit for how long something can be stored there before you need to take out items).

With Crystalline Aura active you can also easier manage all your ingame email that have items like chests or daily log in rewards attached from your Pets email UI. There you can mark all messages and take out all attachment with a single tick on radio box for “all” selection. Same way you can also delete all of those now empty emails, so you have better control what is important to read or open.

As a general rule for log in reward in most MMOs it is always best to take out your daily reward (you need to log in everyday) to actually be sure that you wont miss out on any reward. Lost Ark have been built around a “claim” system, so you need to claim your item to have it added into your roster or character storage.

This is the basic design most MMOs use for daily log in rewards to make people to log in even if they don’t have time to play that day. It shouldn’t be a surprise that you need to log in to get that reward as it clearly named “daily log in reward”.


For me it’s because this game has a habit of locking things to characters, sometimes it notes that Items will be bound but it seems 50/50 that items not listed as character bound will be bound regardless.
This game actively punishes you for collecting stuff early, or on the wrong character.


Exactly. Also I wanted to avoid taking lots of space in inventory early on. Claiming them in mail starts a timer. Had they made it clear that things will just be lost instead of transferred to mail, I would have made sure to claim them on the last week.

No, that’s on the terribly implemented system. Inventory space is not limitless, and it matters what character you claim them on. There was not a clear indication that was the case, and it’s also not the norm at all… Don’t simp for bad design.

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It says at the top of the log in rewards screen the period the rewards are available for and when they will be reset

It shows the duration of the event. That doesn’t imply that unclaimed items will be lost.