Unclaimed Founders Crystalline Aura trapped in EUC

Hi team,

I bought a Founders Pack and started playing in EUC. I had claimed my pack, which contained a 30-day Crystalline Aura, but I never activated it, as I was initially using a 3-day one I got courtesy of Amazon Games.
I have now moved fully to Moonkeep in EUW, I got my second Founder’s pack, and have redeem it all as I plan to stay there, but it was missing my unclaimed Crystalline Aura.
I’m currently using the 14-day one that came with the opening of the new server, but is there a way to get back my unused aura please? The item is still intact in my bag in EUC :frowning:

Hello @gretel

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I’m so sorry that you are having this issues with the Crystalline Aura and the items you had on your product inventory, this sounds very frustrating and we want you to experience the game at its fullest.

We are currently aware of the issues with the Aura and the lost items from the product inventory, and are working as quick as we can to solve them in a future patch, please check the following link for more information on this issue:

Thank you for your patience :wolf:

This is not at all what they were saying, I’m pretty sure.

The person switched to EUW without activating their 30 day aura on EUC and now presumably cant go back to do so because of queue

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To clarify, I switched to EUW after I opened my Founders chest on EUC, but never activated my 30-day aura.
I’m not planning to go back to EUC, so I would like to get my aura in EUW, as i was expecting it would be inside the second Founders chest just like everything else was.
I understand there’s issues and don’t mind waiting, but I feel now is a good time to bring this up as I’m guessing I might not be the only one with this particular problem, and from the post you linked there’s no mention of this.


Thanks for the clarification , i am sorry if i didn’t understand

The best way to continue from here is to contact our live support so we can elevate a ticket to our developer team and they can provide the specialized support need it for this type of issue:

Amazon Games

Contact Us | Amazon Games

Support for Amazon Games. Read support articles or get game & account help from Amazon Games support reps.

You’ll need the following information:

-Character name
-Server name
-Server region
-Where in game did the issue happen
-Name of specific quest item event npc or other relevant details

And if you’re able get some screenshots of the bug in game.

Hope this help, see you in Arkesia!