Unclaimed Login Event Rewards With No Expiration Date Disappeared from Universal Storage

To preface, no, this was not user error.
I am a very conscientious individual and have intentionally not claimed specific Login Event Rewards from the previous month of October in preparation for the new content we are getting with the upcoming Brelshaza update.

As written in the Mystics and Mayhem October update release notes, we received:

Improved Login Event unclaimed rewards management

; where unclaimed Login Event rewards will be sent to our Universal Currency Storage as demonstrated in the screenshot I took on November 19th below.

After logging in on the 26th, I noticed 2 items in my Universal Storage had disappeared (specifically, the Cube Entrance Ticket Selection Chest and the first pair of Aura of Resonance Recovery Elixirs) despite them NOT HAVING AN EXPIRATION DATE as seen in the following screenshot below.

Again, this was not user error, I can assert in full confidence that I did not accidentally claim these items and use them. As previously mentioned, I fully intended to save these and take advantage of the new chaos dungeon/cube that would be coming with the Brelshaza update.

It is imperative to know if this an error, or if the ‘No time limit’ text actually inaccurate and needs to be revised to not mislead people.

For reference, this happened on NA East - Azena.

Would greatly appreciate it if you could look into this, thank you.


aura’s should vanish 14 days after being given out otherwise it could lead to stockpiling and abuse down the line