Uncommon & Rare potions in quickslots

Hey Everyone, I am unable to put uncommon or rare potions in the quickslots bar to the right of the panel. I get an error stating “these slots are only for potions, pets, mounts”. But these are potions!! It is only letting me put “white” normal potions there, no green or blue ones.
Any ideas why this is?

the uncommon potions are mostly used for raids, because you can only use a set amount in a raid and these potions heal a chuck of your HP straight away, but the other normal potions are for daily use or solo because the heal over time

so save your uncommon ones for raids, and then save the rare and purple ones for T3 since you will most likely be using them there

ok that makes sense thank you for explaining that, I didn’t know this. However when i get to use them in a raid i still need to be able to put them on the quickslot bar.