UNDER INVESTIGATION Cannot connect to the server


i still cannot connect to the EU servers. The server list does not appear and i get the message " The selected region is closed. Cannot connect to the server."

I’ve tried to reinstall the game, repair it, restart steam/my Pc, turn off ipv6 but nothing is working.
The support could not help me aswell


try turning off your vpn worked for me

Hello @Lokizz

Welcome to our community and forum for Lost Ark.

Thank you for contact us about the connection issue you have. Im sorry for any inconvenience this might cause to you.

Can you please provide the Server and World you currently have your character?

Thanks @junttula96 for the advise. @Lokizz make sure you are not using a VPN.

What country are you currently trying to get access?

Can you please share a screenshot for the error message?

Thanks a lot for any further information you can provide.


This is what I got, anyway, all servers are completly full …

Queue’s 10-17k, another day which I can’t play the game …

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Hello @Kausalitaet

Im sorry for the issue and thank you in advance for provide the report.

Whats the server and world you cannot get access?

Whats the character name?

This information its going to help the Dev team in order to identify the issue.

Waiting for the information,

Best regards,

The message appeared just after starting when I need to select the server (last server I was logged in before was EU Beatrice), maybe just a short timeout cuz of the heavy amount of players joining and leaving queues?! :man_shrugging:t4:

After another restart I’m in que position 10k (old server has 17k), did we get more EU servers soon ?
All servers are full, steamdb says 1,227,191 players currently.

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This is my first time logging in, I haven’t made a character at all. Brand new to the game, literally just installed. Upon selecting East North America, I am met with the message “The selected region is closed. Cannot connect to the server.”

I don’t have a VPN or anything (if there’s a way to check so I’m 100% sure, I’ll do it).

Any help would be appreciated, I’ll try whatever. Thanks!

I’ve already trudged through the verify game files route so no luck there, I’ll restart Steam for the hell of it though.

EDIT: Yeah, no luck with a Steam restart.

Hello @VoidInfernal

Thank you for contact us about the connection server issue you currently have. Im sorry for the situation.

Can you please provide the world name and character name for the one with the issue?

Can you please share a screenshot of the error?

We are currently investigating the issue and we are going to thank any information you can provide to us.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Standor, as the original post reads, there is no world name or character. I have no ability to access a world or make a character. I have never played the game before. Attached is an image of the error.

6th time today, i give up, check my thread i made before


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I’m having problems staying connected to the game, I already looked for my internet provider and the signal is normal, but I’m being disconnected with the following message every 10 minutes

Cannot Connect to Server. Exiting the Game [W0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT]

Does anyone have any idea what to do in this case?


I am also experiencing lag, freezing, then the error code “Cannot connect to the server.” I have been playing this game for the last few days perfectly fine until today this started

Error [G0x9-SPELWP12NT]

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I get it multiple times a day

After the update I get the same error after selecting my character and about 20-30seconds in game. Tried every troubleshooting provided on forums firewall, ipv6, steam integrity check, dns flush, unlinking amazon/steam accounts, eac repair and nothing worked on my end.
Been playing since head start on 8th and it broke tonight.

I am just going to put my character name here…

Server: Zinnervale
Character 01: Kitakeuchi
Character 02: Kazushiro
Character 03: Kenjimoto

I hope they fix this! It’s getting annoying!!

When i open it up, and i see the game menu, it loads the game a bit, servers wont show and yea

Also putting my character and server name here :slight_smile:
Server: Zinnervale
Character 01: Doga
Character 02: Nórd
Character 03: Gigasyd

name duffmek
server mokloko (sp) EU


name splug
server Wei EU

having the same problem done all the ‘suggested’ things except chat due to a 8-9k queue on both servers to get on … i am not even on 2 hours played yet and sick of this crap already.

Actually the only way i could even select a server and start to play was by using my university vpn connection.
Otherwise I dont even see any servers while logging in and get the error message i mentioned above.