UNDER INVESTIGATION Cannot connect to the server

LLevo literalmente desde las 8 de la mañana con el mismo problema. Me compré el paquete de fundador para no jugar nada… ni ventajas ni nada. Se queda congelada la cola, le das a cancelar y te saca del juego… esto es muy lamentable para una empresa como Amazon.
Dejo datos de mi personaje por si hay alguna solución… pero esto es una verguenza.

Servidor: Trixion
Personaje: Bombardero

Please provide some more details on this thread. Thanks you.

Hey all!

Connection error here too.


Region: Central EU
Server: Sceptrum
Character 01: Mistressx
(only 1 char i have).

Thank you for your help guys!

Hi guys

Connection error here too

Region: Central EU
Server: Sirius
Character01: Poucoboa
(only have 1 char)

Thanks alot for the support!

But… is this game loved only by Europeans? In the other regions the servers works fine…
I’m unable to access the game too

can’t reach login screen or server selection screen.

I haven’t been able to play the entire weekend (including Friday ) - anyone still defending this launch is delusional at this point - especially in Europe.

And please stop asking for information with a template. We can’t select a server as the game says it’s entire region is unavailable due to heavy load and to aggravate it further, game closes itself after.

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I hope bringing in more server capacity will solve it all, because am getting tired of this. But probably the best solution would be, to wait for the hype to die out, so we can play normally again.

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The issue here is that probably it will not be the hype that decrease but the people that becames tired to wait


Thirain, but issue occurs before I can select server.

Can you please provide the world name and character name for the one with the issue?
I never get to chose character, see above.

Can you please share a screenshot of the error?

Other info

  • Game closes when I press “ok”.
  • Not using VPN
  • Connecting from Sweden

My previous issues are fixed, but now I get this instead:

  1. I select server Thirain and “Enter”
  2. “Please wait” Spinner appears
  3. 1 minute or so passes
  4. This error occurs
  5. one or a few seconds later, my queue appears along with the previous error.
  6. The issue now becomes that if I press “ok” on the error, the client will close… so do I wait for the queue to finish?.. and hope that the error goes away? :fearful:

Edit: I had the above issue three times, but now it worked. In queue, no error message.

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Same problem here.
Zinnervale EU

for me the first issue is gone, after the 7th restart of the client. Now I’m in queue.
Server: Inanna

Ok, the login server heavy traffic thing is fixed.

But I went from 16k position in queue all the way back to 25k ! Come on…

I have the same issue. It would be good to get some answers before I commit to hours of waiting time… :smiling_face_with_tear:

I retried a few times, eventually I got the queue without the error. Better safe than sorry… it’s quite the time investment :sweat_smile:

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I cant switch po

inter to a north america server i need help get pointer so i can play

You don’t need to ask character names or server names because it’s all the EU servers, I’ve been sat here for 2 hours trying to get on, it was the same yesterday, Your twitter posts lead us to believe it’s all sorted…nothing is further from the truth

wtf you can’t even wait in line, because error 10027 makes it impossible Tragedy is that amazon doesn’t understand anything and still doesn’t give a shit and the fact that you bought CA doesn’t give anything is another matter in every game mmo premium gives you more opportunities but unfortunately amazon doesn’t give a shit

Will my CA be refunded due to not being able to enter the game ??

I have the same problem with the Same error message W0 or “there is an error shut down the game” :frowning:
Server Asta/Beatrice

I get this same error every time I try to get in the game, for a while now…