Understanding weekly pvp xp

Hello! I’ve ready several posts asking the same thing and they don’t seem to ever get a consistent answer so I’m hoping someone can help me understand from personal anecdotes attatched is a picture of my [alt+k] menu.

When I started seemingly every match the xp would climb showing a pretty quick progression however after hitting the ultra 9 threshold it all but stopped (I also noticed I was rank 1 for weekly tier points on my server) since then I can’t seem to ascent past the 53k estimate every night I log off I’ll log back onto my total being reset to 47k xp but after a few matches it’ll climb back to the 53k I’m unsure if I’m just not able to climb beyond this, is it linked to passing others in tier points and getting rank 1? Haave I hit a soft cap? if someone could explain I would greatly appreciate it.

“Tier points” are what determine your position (TOP %) in all the players. Play more matches, get more tier points (this varies depending on which mode you play, wether you win or lose and if you get mvp). Now “tier points” aren’t the same as weekly XP. You get weekly XP based on your position amongst all the players (TOP %). If you click the plus next to +53,055 XP you’ll see where in the top % you need to be to get more. Weekly XP is limited and the max you can get every week is 78,240 (for the 0-0.10 percentile).

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Thank you so much, I started to figure that out when I’d notice my xp go down when I lost rank but it’s good to have that clarification, I originally thought you could grind out extreme in a week so it’s a little sad to learn it’s soft capped especially with the maintenance some ranks have would make it hard to climb up I’d think, but I guess if it was that easy everyone would be extreme.

If you don’t mind me asking I see some ranked like, 17th Limit, what do those mean?

I’m not too sure since I’ve only been there once but I think they are your entrance level ranks. Back when the game launched and “Tier 1” was the highest you could go, you just went through the limit ranks as you played games. I don’t know if they work in the same or similiar way.

You won’t earn any more xp than that this week unless you no life the thing (and it would increase just a little)

It can be comfusimg but it works this way:

Players constantly try to be the one who plays the most the more you play the lower your %.

In your picture you have 2.08% which means only 2.08% players have played as much as you this week but when you go to sleep ppl keep playing so your % increase and you recover it by playing more matches.

When you click the + buton you will see how much xp you will earn from each %

There is a limit to how much xp you can earn per week since the closer tier to 0% is the one who earns the most xp.

Next week you will start at Ultra 9 and it will tax you 5350 (thus why it’s a negative value)

So once you earn more than 5350 xp you will see your next estimated rank

Yep its all about tier points. Kills and I cant recall what they call it but the points it gives after every match to individual players does absolutely 0 for you except in the case of a tie. Dont worry about kills and kill stealers. At the end of the match you all get the same amount of tier points.

Wish I had known that last season it used to piece me off people swooping in for the kill just before you do.

Though kills are needed for some guild / una’s tasks so take what you can get.