Unexpected ban for newbies

Hi, my friend recently started playing LOA and he got banned after one day of play, why did that happen? Is there a way to revert?

Ban reason?

He started doing the game’s missions, then the next day when trying to enter the game a warning appeared saying “you were banned (a) permanently in lost ark by the game developers”

Have him try to login and what the reason for the ban is when he attempts to. It should give a reason for the ban and might provide insight on what happened.

Here you can find everything. High chance that it’s a false ban…

That’s what I was thinking too, wanted to know if the ban reason was cheating.

It’s very likely he got caught up in this ban wave too, and unfortunately AGS ban appeal (Not Roxx) support hasn’t been helpful in this situation.

I managed to talk to him and the reason for his ban was for cheating

How can we resolve this?

Hello @Archaeopteris welcome to our community!

The only way to check the account is through the Appeal ticket as your friend already did.

Unfortunately, here on the forums we don’t have access to the account and that information so we don’t know anything about them. As Roxx already stated in the post that @Healerke shared, the team is already investigating the unfair bans and if this is one of those is just a matter of waiting as we can’t do anything about it.

Thanks for understanding and please stay safe!

Thank you

maybe some third party program triggered it ?

Some macros,hotkeys or whatever, even mouse lol