Unfair disconnects, and then server is busy, sorry!

So i’ve had this expirience now, and i got to say its completely unfair how you dealt with situation of me being literaly kicked of server due to heavy ping or whatever that happened, basicly. I ended up out of game, and while trying to return in game i’ve recieved multiple times server is under heavy loads? seriously, and it all happened as long as i didn’t recieve back QUE to wait on. Seriously, Amazon, lost ark team, who ever is working on developing such dumb system in which it cant recogonize that i was playing minutes ago, and that i am trying to return back in a game, now i have to again wait 8000 people to que back. What the actual fuck, spended over to much time on waiting to que, i’ve had no issue with anything so far with how you dealt with other things, but as developer my self i find this ridicilous and so unfair! There is no needed sorry in such cases, there is needed proper system that wont fuck me over while i am playing my game. Fucking launch more servers if you cannot create script for bypass que more smart. Stop saving on servers Amazon, this issue is on you! I know it, you know it, everybody does !!! This is pissing me so so bad. So unproffesionally dealt. Its easy to merge servers once playerbase lowers! I am just so pissed regardless to this issue. Now me idiot have to wait for another 2 hours to que, and maybe after 20-30 min again something happends, then again i cant que because of server issues with connnectivity. FIX that shit cmon!!