Unfair treatment

So let’s build a game that promises to give a massively multiplayer online game. Let’s shut down the server from the ability to make new accounts on day 2 without informing anyone. Guess what, we have a game that is ostensibly an MMO; however, the only feature we are unable to provide is the opportunity to play with your pals. That’s incredible! this is 2022 the amount of resources you have available to your team was beyond what you needed. Because the server where all of my pals are is LOCKED, I didn’t even create an account. With no warning. Word of advice. I would rather wait in a 1 hour que and play with friends. Then join a random server and play alone. FYI what your Team manager failed to tell you was the notion of layers. You can add a layer to each server and that opens up the population of the server while allowing for self maintain its ability to shrink if the population has gone down!
An mmo where I cant even play with my friends because in less than one day they closed the server? How about give a 3 day notice ahead of time before you close a server. Honestly most of us want to play with IRL friends and now we cant because you decided to close a server?


if ur not on the forum you can’t know it, i just made and account and llooked upf or the information after my friend told me that he can’t join the server where i’m…

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same just the professional thing to do would have been to give like a 3-4 day notice that’s what Blizzard did. However, clearly amazon doesn’t cause it seems they don’t know how to make a good game let alone maintain one.

i think they are trying to do there best, its not easy, but closing the server from new people is not even gonna solve the problem, new player who join closed server will not do the queu if they have no reason to do it ( ie having friend on it ) so… idk

Game is gonna die before the actual release date. So dumb Amazon.


exactly…like give notice dont just implement stuff and screw over players that didn’t have the time to make an account on day one because they have a job. So silly.

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exactly this ^

Can you imagine how much time they had and the resources to hire good Project managers yet despite the available resources they still cant deliver the basics of a MMO the ability to play with your FRIENDS??!?!