Unfair vac ban, pls help me

Never type in chat other than guild chat or do anything to piss anyone off in an amazon game. You will be mass reported and auto banned.


I don’t agree with your vac ban, but you KNOW those gold seller bots have started in and typing crap that resembles what they are doing just gets you grouped up with them when it comes to the reports and bans.

I know you were joking, and so does probably anybody else; but, the whole “it’s a prank bro” culture tends to get people bit in the ass like this.

Hope they reverse it :slight_smile:

But in New World they constantly ASSURED us that every ban was vetted by a real person lmao :stuck_out_tongue: We all believe that, right?!


Wow this is scary. No more chat for me.


if even unban’s appeal email is not answered by a real person…

new world was bad with false ban’s and it took a while before anything was seriously looked at.

hope you get things resolved


I didn’t get to play new world but I heard about these problems, that means that the error is not the game’s developers, but who manages and distributes the game

Funny, players that throw this in chat for jokes get banned but actual bots and goldsellers are operating freely- no, running rampant already.

fake AF

no VAC in this game

and look in his fake email “blablabla … Gols selling”

nice typo there kid. obvious troll is obvious

What the… AMAZON SHOULD NOT!! be allowed to hand out VAC bans like that.

not that I need to prove anything to you, but how did you go to the trouble of coming here to throw more shit as if what happened to me wasn’t enough, here’s your answer, does it still seem fake to you? do you want me to send you the email?

yeah because people can’t make typos :slight_smile:

I can create the same fake email and use fake headers to make it seem it comes from amazon or I can photoshop this in 2 minutes…

Lost Ark DOES NOT use VAC… it uses EAC. so please stop trying… it’s alarmingly that you have so many baited already lol

for you less tech savvy people, not all games on steam uses VAC ( https://store.steampowered.com/search/?category2=8 )

furthermore gamedevs can’t give people VAC bans nor request them…


You know, roxx can easily look and see if he was lying and call that out. You spotting a typo doesnt make it fake.

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Those type of mails are automated and proofred/autocorrected…

You think there’s a support guy typing those mails ? hahahaha

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So? I too can do that. doesn’t mean I do. doesn’t mean this is fake. and there’s also other reports out there of people getting VAC banned for reasons they shouldn’t even be VAC banning for in the first place.

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I highly doubt that VAC bans get handled out for such reasons. that wouldbe a game ban

OP sounds like a lying kid who used some cheats that inject themselves in game files. steam gives VAC only for cheating via hacks not for breaking ingame rules


A game does not have to use VAC to hand out VAC Game Bans. There is multiple types of VAC bans and not every VAC ban requires the game to use VAC. Educate yourself.

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euhm… yes it does… but ok mr education, I’ll bite… give me your proof please.

Why was this introduced?
Game bans were originally introduced to give third-party developers the ability to implement their own anti-cheat system to be used in concert with the Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) system. … Game bans allow developers to utilize Valve’s banning infrastructure rather than implement their own ban tracking system.

See also: Steam Support :: Banned by Game Developer (Game Ban)