Unify North America Region

There is no reason to split the North America region into West and East. You are only harming the game community by dividing players along arbitrary lines.

Why is it that Russia (a much bigger country than the United States with cities just as spread out) is able to have one region for the entire country yet Amazon is incapable of doing the same for NA? Are the AWS servers so poor that the ping would render the game unplayable with a centralized server location for all NA players?

The main benefit here is that you get a thriving community that ensures player population is always active and going so that you can find people to run content with… be it dungeons, raids, or PvP.


There are decent numbers of players in NA on both West and East side which warrants servers for both major groups. Russia is different. The majority of the Russian population lives on the European side of the country so there’s no need to add servers for Siberia or the Far East as they’re not financially viable.
The East coast in the US has around 120 million people and the West Coast got around 60 million so it’s like tending to 2 different countries separated by almost 3000 miles