Unintentionally delete my item I dropped in snowpang lost ark

please would have some way to restore in my account , I would love to have it again, and I play quite the game, every day, I was mt happy when I picked up, but just now I went in to make some changes in the hud of the game and saw that is not accepting more skins that you can use in the tab, when I clikei on top, my char started reading a book and then the inventory item disappeared, please make it come back to me, Yihana - Kazeros


If it was a toy it is in the toy section, press Y and click toy tab

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Toys are the costumes, you rightclick Them and they get added. No more taking place in backpack

Hi @Yihana

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I’m so sorry for the item you have dropped unintentionally.

As it says @Delye can you confirm that the item you used and deleted was a toy item? Because in the update it was implemente a the Toy Inventory that allows you to store transformations and toy items without using an inventory slot. To access it, press Y and go to the Toy category.

I’ll be waiting for you confirm you keep helping you with this! :wolf:

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