Unite the European Region

Please consider merging the EU Central and EU West Regions into one “Europe” Region. Such granularity splits our European Region way too much.

It’s another week of doing Argos with randoms only for me. I’d much rather play with my friends from the opposite EU Region.

Starting over and missing out on all the time-restricted events doesn’t help to catch up.

I’d suggest to put all of us, Europeans, into one region “Europe.”


People who wanted to start on EUW were warned about this. It was obvious that the server would die in about 2 months because all hardcore players were on EUC already. You reap what you sow.


Where’s the warning? How is it obvious that a new region would “die in about 2 months?”

I just offered my feedback and suggested to merge the two EU Regions. If you are against that idea, only because someone started playing in EUW and didn’t endure the queue-pains in EUC, then that’s a weird mentality to have.

Offer some counter-arguments ^^


hello fellow EU friendo,

AGS have said that while server merges within a region are possible, merging regions is not something they can do, nor are they looking at it. :+1:


read the reddit posts and forum posts from 2 months ago, we told everyone to not start on euw and be patient. what else did you expect when 95% of the eu playerbase was on euc?


hello i intentionally chose to play on a different region and after getting all the benefits of doing so i now want to play on the other region pls fix!!11


ikr. Person i know from other game,started in EUW and actually passed me in gear score quite fast. Well he out a week ago XD

If they just did way early something against the bots we never had a problem at all

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Bite the bullet & re roll now. Hopefully you still have your characters on EUC

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I said 1 week after release a reroll would be the best for everyone. Now it’s to late for

I was replying to OP

i was repling to your past u

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Came here to unite the European religion but i guess i need to get some more sleep

I rerolled to EUC immediately after I saw queues being fixed. You should have done the same. EUW was a mistake.

I started the game around 20 february, picked EU West by default cause that’s where I live.
What warning are you talking about ? There wasn’t anything in game telling me that my datacenter would be dead 2 months in ?

You will read that kind of argument a lot from EUC people. They will never say it’s AGS fault, they say it is the players fault. Totally funny, if you read old thread and read those “warnings” xD Specially useful for new players, who just started. We got several threads to this topic. Roxx said they will keep an eye on this, just prepare yourself EUW is lost, as sad as the whole situation is.

Soon, the european servers can merge into the russian server :upside_down_face:


Ah okay, in response to your first reply:

You’re correct. He should of re rolled back to EUC the moment EUC started to calm down in que numbers.

But because that ship has sailed he’s gotta bite the bullet and do it sooner than later

Ehhh it’s the same people in every thread, they sound a little antisocial in general so it’s not surprising that they can’t grasp the issue with having friends scattered across servers and regions.


I’m sorry but it will never happen. Game was never designed to merge servers and transfer characters. Koreans asked that for years but it never happened. You have to reroll.