Universal Character or Account Name(s)

Some may not be bothered by this; it could very well be my OCD setting in. But, I thought it would be much more preferable to have one universal, account name that could be applied to every character that you create. I just keep thinking about how unideal it is to create a character, possibly discover that you dislike that character’s class, and not be able to simply transfer that character’s name to a new character. You would have to delete that character, wait 120 days for that character’s name to re-enter the name pool, and hope that someone else doesn’t claim it before you, or settle for a completely different name altogether. How much more optimal would it be to simply have a Lost Ark account name that persists no matter how many characters one creates? Of course, it would be nice if Lost Ark could utilize your Steam name, but - in either event - I’m sure there are some kind of technical complications that make all of this more difficult than it seems.


Hey they need to sell that name change cash shop item. Just have to time it well with character deletion.

I don’t know how the mailing system would work (maybe like Discord or Steam with a number postfix ?). Some people like having different names though - unless you propose this as an option and not a universal steam name is in-game name thing.

I think an alternative would be to allow names to be transferrable between characters of the same account. This way they could still prevent people from selling names and still allow players to move names around accordingly.

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This was already suggested on the podcast, Roxx is aware.

That’s well quite the nail on the head. In KR and RU the game is not available on Steam so the function/feature was never implemented. So the first time it might be in the talks is now.
Would be cool if it will be implemented in the future since i don’t want to find 10 names for my characters :pleading_face:

Universal names would completely change the naming conventions. Since classes are both genders, we’d see much less names based on the characters and much more Nutcracker42’s. So please no. Instead, loosed up naming limits which allow for spaces and extra capital letters would be much better, allowing players to carry an account name along with each character, either as a first name or a last name.

Now I’m contemplating if we should ask for the possibility to have multiple characters with the exact same name within an account, since that way the name would never appear in-game as a duplicate, but I’m thinking guilds might have a problem with that? Not sure…

I was about to create topic about this feature because I also was thinking about this option. Well, You were ahead of me :smiley: I have 2 idea how to implement this into the game.

  1. After choosing server we would like to play on, before we create our Main (first) character, game will ask us to create a name for our account. It can be limited to 1 (account) per server or unlimited (than we also need some kind of account list after we pick a server).

  2. Just like you mentioned above, Your account name in game can be the same as Steam name (something like Battle.net account for example)

In my opinion it can also help at communication between friends for example because with this idea all positions at our Friend List would be connected with specific account, not character. So your friends can see you online no matter what character you pick to play.

Another thing behind this is Guild Activity. Similar to our Friend List not only 1 character would be assign to the Guild but our whole account. It means that you can do your guild activity with any character you want. Also your guildmates would always know when you are online and maybe ask you if you want to switch to your main character and go with them to do some Raids for example ?

Someone can ask. What about personal/account storage ? It will work as before because every character have his unique specialization (Striker, Soul Fist etc.) so game will know which storage is personal and which is account bound.

There’s many things in this game which all characters can share (ships, stronghold, currencies, even pvp rank), so I think, this feature can work really well.

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If only there were a way to satisfy everyone’s tastes. At the end of the day, it isn’t a huge deal. The game still plays the same regardless of my characters’ names, and I’ll enjoy it either way.

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So, the way it currently stands, no two characters on the same account can be enlisted into the same guild?

Every character from your account would have access to the same guild.

I didn’t join a guild, so I wasn’t aware of how the current system works.

Each of your characters would count as a different member in the guild, which are initially limited to 30 members. So it’s pretty common to see “only mains” guilds. Account wide guilds is the one thing BDO did well imo

Oh, I’m sorry I misunderstund You. At the current state every character can have diffrent guild or they can be at the same guild if guild leader will accept your alt characters. Most of the time (what I have seen) people join to the main guilds with their main characters and create alt guilds for their alt characters. Anyway it dosent make any sense for me because you wont be able to join gvg or gve content at the same time with several characters. Also I doubt there are people who have time to actively play at more than 1 guild because of the amount of the content that exist in the game and fact that most of the people have 2 or more characters.

Yeah, that’s what I’d gathered. That’s a bad system, especially when there is a 30-member limit. Having your account attached to the guild rather than a character is much more optimal.

Yeah, there are certainly more effective ways to implement that system, but finding a way to link your account to a specific guild rather than your individual character(s) as you mentioned would be more ideal.