Unjustified bans?

So I was going about my day like any other day since launch basically doing my dailies after a couple of valtan runs on my sharpshooter when I to my big surprise find the code of conduct error plus server authentication failed windows popping up in my screen then logging me out of the game ! for some reason I do not know.
submitted a ticket … and now waiting for a reply for more than 48H … receiving only auto replies…

You likely botted chaos or RMTed and got dinged. In the extremely low chance that this is not the case, you can submit a ticket to get AGS to review your case.


nice to see that you finaly pay for all theses nights when you ran you little chaos bot on your account


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Even the forum acc is veeery sus lol

do you have proofs that he was botting/rmting? or u just witchunting and gloating =/ fact that here was fals positive bans was confirmed and people was unbaned so i dont get your comment tbh, did he hurt you?

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Is strange they replying about 100% OF BE A LEGIT BAN and users talking about innocence, something here are very wrong, or AGS logs can’t show anything useful or a lot of liars are crying about the unexpected ban

Do not be so quick to judge it could’ve been you,only support can tell if I did or did not cheat,meanwhile i’m waiting for them to answer my ticket.


i believe both factors on the table

only support can tell if I did or did not cheat

100% GUILTY you just prooved it


Basicaly you just sayd that you did, and it’s just about the supports having catched you and how, you should know if you never ever did use any 3d party XD

THANK you ! people are just so quick to judge…wonder what they would feel if they are the ones in the same situation.

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If that’s what you understood from what I said then there is not much more to say lol

they just mad cuz bot problem was on the table for a long perion and many of them wasnt able even login but still it’s not the reason to act like a hillbilly who want some blood xD

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if this is related to error code 10010 pls turn off or stop using any vpn/vpn like software you are using and try to connect again if this does not work keep submitting appeals here

I understand their frustration but being toxic isn’t going to solve the problem,thank you for the kind words really needed that after being called a cheater and a liar for the couple last days XD

What is wrong with you guys?
Accusing someone even without any proof.
Let’s see when it is happened to you.

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thanks for your advice, I do not use a VPN (not that I know of) asked my ISP aswell and they also said that they do not use any.

I’ll keep submiting tickets untill I get an answer hopefully this gets fixed soon.

just the long and short of what the cm will likely say without the fluff

Good luck

You can appeal but imo you used 3rd party program maybe often maybe one or twice just to check how it works. Now they checked it and gave u perma ban. That happends bro its only game. If u rmt or use 3rd party program sooner or later you will get perma banned you must deal with it and be ready. There are not so many similiar aituations from my 40 man guild only 3 ppl got perma ban ofc they said same story as you unjustified ban. But I dont believe them. Edit. I remember guy in Cabal he spent 1k $ ( 4kPLN) on RMT after 2 weeks he has been banned and want his money back from seller he was even threaten he will go to judge with him then he started writing tickets to support with same messages. But nothing helped :sunglasses: