Unjustly Banned and losing hope

Hi everyone - Faey here
This was my friends initial post made for me.

Had to create another account to post for obvious reasons.
I’d like to add a bit of backstory to this to provide more context to the situation.

I initially purchased the Silver Founders pack over a year ago with my friends.
Closer to the release date I found that I really liked the Bard exclusive costume and also wanted another set of the Lawmaker skins to give to another character.

Finally decided to “upgrade” my founders pack but realized that the only way to do so was to perform a Steam refund on the Silver pack and purchase the Gold and Platinum ones. (as seen in the screenshots)

Fast forward 2.5 weeks post release, I get hit with a ban and received the screenshots posted above. I’ve attempted 3 appeals thus far and have been met with the same replies regardless of whatever information I provide in the appeal ticket form. I’ve even tried the live chat and sadly have not been able to get through to anyone who can actually help and review the case.

I asked my friend to post for me to garner some attention from the mods seeing as I’ve only met with bots and automated replies.

My friend’s post created for me was instantly closed before I could provide any context so here’s another one.

Any information or help I can get would be very very appreciated. I’ve heard that @Roxx can help.


Hello @Faey1,

As I responded to your friends original post:

those aren’t bot responses, those responses are from our appeal team and if they upheld the original ban it’s because an investigation was made and it was deemed correct.

Unfortunately here in the forums we are unable to discuss the reasons or any information about bans, the decision made by the team is final!

I will reiterate: “We are UNABLE to discuss anything about bans in the forums.”


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