Unknown Island QoL


Unknown isle feels poorly scaled. It can be quite frustrating running it solo or duo, which has been my experience for awhile now on NAE-Karta. Navigating through the jungle to find the beast is a fun experience, but mobs easily kill you in seconds if you stop to cast. The amount of phoenix plumes spent versus the gold value earned from island completion and the seemingly quite low drop rate of the island soul doesn’t feel worth the time investment.

Would it be possible to do some combination of the following to increase player experience?

-Increase island soul drop rate
-Increase gold earned from island (possibly encourage more people to show up even if they already have the soul)
-Put unknown island into the adventure island pool (to try and pull in more players and help those hunting for soul while still getting other rewards)
-Raise island item level so you can have either gems/cards/etc, more stats/survivability and can do more dmg so it’s not a 20-25 minute solo adventure.

Appreciate the suggestions, I’ve been providing feedback to the team that a lot of islands are being affected by lower player counts. I’ll also share your post, specific to Unknown Island, with the team.

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