Unless the 1 class per 2 months is changed this game is dead before we get them all

AGS you’re already seeing the numbers drop drastically since the roadmap was dropped.
If 1% of your employees believes that you will get the players back and retain more players by delaying classes like this in between content releases then you really need to hire better people.
I’ve spoken to some friends who were still playing the game long after I quit it and asked them about what they think and they have now decided to quit as well after the roadmap release.

Revise your roadmap, change your release schedule back to 1 class per month or 2 classes per month even as players have been suggesting and you will regain a lot of your players, not doing that will only result in the players who haven’t quit already to decide to quit as well after a bit of time and very very very few will bother returning. Games that die in the west stay dead and unless a major change happens players don’t bother returning.


cancelling the honing buff caused majority of players to quit. I know I lost all my friends to that announcement. the no classes thing is finishing off the last of it. The only people left playing will be hardcore addicted junkies with 2000+ hours, huffing copium 24/7, in complete denial that their game died and will keep repeating to themselves ‘i dont need other players to have fun. the games better without them. they were all negative anyways and contributed nothing. im all that matters’