Unlimited money

Hello manager, now there is a bug, which is caused by using the ping delay to open the money bag too high.
The video is as follows:

I hope you can take this seriously!
Please permanently block players who exploit this bug!

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Thank you for providing the video! I’ll send this over to the development team.

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thats officially GG XD we know money isnt getting removed.


If this is a proven bug, your gonna need a rollback of the server state.

New World flashback ::

again New World problems

I guess the good news in this is that it appears the actual gold count isn’t increasing which would make this a notification glitch. But it’s hard to see the actual gold count due to video quality (I’m just not seeing any change occur).

Something to be fixed regardless of if it’s an actual inf gold bug or notification glitch.

Free cheating instead of RMT cheating, fantastic.

This could be do to the high ping, and you might not see the change for awhile when the server catches up with the client.

I saw a video not sure if it is true but apparently now Bot can go guardian raid now and do super dmg to Deskaluda and clear it within 30 seconds.

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nothing is clear in the video except the notification for gaining gold coin becoming slow… people are jumping to conclusions with the video being totally unclear like someone peed on it.

You could’ve videotaped the gold count going infinite as you claimed

wouldnt be surprised if its true, there was a founders pack dupe. and yea the new guardians getting killed in 5 seconds. balanced.

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All of you defending shit like this and claim this could be in loop, fake, or whatever, can go down the road with Amber Turd and support her there too

There are also programs that people are using to automate sniping cheaply priced items off the auction house. In this particular example, gems. But it can very well apply to any item not protected by pheons.

This game is essentially doomed.

I think that automatically assuming that this is real based on a literal 15 second video that someone recorded using their phone with potato video quality is a little more ridiculous than looking at it rationally. All you can see here is gold notifications. Someone actually explained what is likely happening in detail in another thread on this.

In any case I don’t think anyone is “defending” this or any other method of cheating. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: