Unlock ships and raid

How to unlock ships Brahms or Tragon?

Why can’t I use potions during raids? they are not on f1

Haven’t worked on the Tragon yet, but to get the Brahms you will need to do Una’s dailies for Lopang Island.

You should get the dailies after going to Lopang and doing the island quest. Once you get high enough rep with them, you should unlock the ship.

Edit: From what I recall you will have multiple dailies from Lopang with a specific destination for each. You will need to do the same destination daily 6 times to get the rep. ie: Lopang Delivery: Vern x6

Can only use % HP potions during raid events

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How to unlock ships Brahms or Tragon?[/quote]
Una’s daily tasks for Lopang island and Peyto respectively. You can check in the reputation tab how much you need.
For Tragon you need an item costing around 20k pirate coins IIRC too

You can only use the potions with a frame around the icon that heals you for a % of hp, you also need to pout them in the 1-4 slots. You can only use a limited number of them, but on guardians you can go back to the glowing circle at the start to restock

CD, Guardian Raid, Cube and a few other instances only have Battle Item available to use. So % HP pot is your only way to heal.

Especially in Guardian Raid you can only have 5 maxed.