Unmentioned dismantling changes

I was informed, that the following is nowhere in the patch notes to be found.
I checked, it is not in the patch notes.
Therefore, it seems to be a bug.

Prior to the patch, only items in the window, the player had open would get put into the dismantle window.
Meaning, Pet Inventory was a safe zone to not dismantle important or valuable items.

After the patch both inventories are being put in the dismantle window without warning.

I just lost a Grudge/Keen Blunt Weapon Relic stone because of this unmentioned change.

Is this an intentional change and you just forgot to put it in the patch notes, or is this a bug?
In this case, please refund my stone :sob:


@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

Lost over 20k gold worth of accessories. I might have to quit because of this.

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Honestly, I felt like quitting. Because I was so lucky to get exactly what I wanted right away. And then this unmentioned change took it away from me.
I was already upset because of IRL matters.

Oh no, I’m so sorry! This doesn’t sound right to me at all, let me see if I can track this down for more information.


I lost a spé awak+3 expert+4 … 30k with my quality 70+ :smiling_face_with_tear: :sob: :sob:

Ouch. My condolences :cry:

Same happened to me all my good stuff saved up in pet inventory all gone, with no warning dismantle was changed I’m gutted. Weeks worth of the best stat items all gone.

I am guessing this does not happen if you lock the items, right?

The locked items were not affected in my case.

Lock items are affected, be careful

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Thanks for confirming. I used to put items I did not want dismantled into pet tab as well, but it got crowded and I figured best way would be to lock them just in case.

Locking is a useful feature but of course like many lil’ details not always obvious (I still see people do not know that they can right click on a party member’s name and move to their channel).

Are you sure? I did not expect them to and to test I just locked an item, and it is greyed out when I open the dismantle menu. Is that not what you are seeing?

In fact, after I unlock it, it is still greyed out as there is 1hr grace period.

yeah, I was about to destroy ~5k worth of tripod and accessories before noticing so of the gears are marked; sorry for your loss.

Yep, can confirm.
Also lost now items worth quite some gold … Any way we can get that stuff back or gold for it? @Roxx

Kept all the variants of ability stones and accessoires in there.


  • locked stones cannot be sold, if they turn out bad. 1hr waiting time to unlock. another 1hr if you just locked it.
  • locked gear cannot be used for transfers (by my knowledge)
  • having to lock everything is just annoying, if you could just put it into different inventory :smiley:

Edit: Locked items are in fact affected

Edit2: I am an idiot. I had another stone… Locked is safe o.o

That’s why I always lock important items. To prevent unintentional things like this from happening.

Edit: Just read other previous comments but seems they are also affected

Affected how? Your screenshot shows two not locked items. The first one shows a tripod is on it but it is not locked.

I agree that locking is awkward. It should be easier to lock. For example, control click on gear == lock. Oh wow, I just realized that ctrl+click actually moves the item to pet tab, and if it is in pet tab, moves back to Inventory. Who knew?

All good, I corrected myself.
I didn’t notice, that I still had that trash stone saved. Turned out to be worth 5g, so I wanted to get rid of it, but forgot by the looks of it.

Locked is safe.
Still, locked items cannot be sold either. So I would have to lock them to make sure, they dont get sold, and then wait 2hrs before I can sell them. Unless I put them on the market before dismantling.

Wow… patch day… Bugs day RIP unwanted dismantle items