Unmentioned dismantling changes

dismantle item is broken, system doesn’t show the result and there is not window pop up to claim what you dismantled, i notices this after dismantle all my CD mats, guardians mats and abyss dungeon mats, hope I can claim all what is there later @Roxx
dismantled error

Are we talking Locked with “a blue border around the icon” (Alt + Left Click, “Lock Sort”) or locked with the “little padlock image” (Ctrl + Right Click, “Lock”)?

They are different but confusingly named features.

the claim pop up windows is bugged/missing on my end, seems like im getting the mats but I was scared of missing all those mats because it doesn’t allow me to claim the dismantled mats and the system doesn’t show the result of what i get from it.
dismatled bug

already restart the game and check the files, I would like to have the claim window back :upside_down_face:

Oh dear, I noticed I did the same as I read this. Not as much of a problem as you had as it was an alts better quality chaos dungeon gear. Still rather annoying, though…

Same bug here! I can also confirm what the dismantle preview says you will get back is not what you are getting back. Only honor shards.

my items were locked (alt+left click) and in pet inventory and was still selected and dismantled??? As someone who isn’t able to play often this really sucks. i just a lost a 9-6 relic stone because of this and don’t understand why they changed it out of the blue. I’m annoyed about the accessories i lost but this stone was def the thing I am most livid about.

well talking to ags was wildly unhelpful.

edit: added images