Unnecessary English translations

I have to ask… what’s with the unnecessary changes to some of the exist english words regarding skills, stat points ect ? why is knock back is known as push ? why did we have to rename the stats ? agility is now swiftness ? we need guides on guides now… why where the classes renamed ? what was wrong with Infighter ? wtf is a scrapper ? lol.

i do understand these are super first world problems but i find it a little annoying constantly trying to figure out what what.


My guess… Amazon wanted to make their version completely different from the other regions. There really is no logical reason for the vast majority of the changes from the Korean version.


You dont understand.
This is Westernization .

The abolute worst is the changing of class and region names.
The entirety of 4 years of guides and content will be a huge pain because 70% of all classes have different names and it adds ABOSLUTELY nothing to the game besides confusion and making the huge amount of guides/community made content for other regions harder to access for players who don’t know which class is which when looking at the 3 other regions.


we honestly needs guides for the guides now lol…

A scrapper is a brutal sort of fighter that puts their all into combat. One who will scrap (fight) dirty or clean the first chance they get. An infighter, on the other hand, is someone who fights or sows dissention or distrust among members of their own group or organization. While it also means a brutal fighter, the first definition is far more well-known and could cause confusion.

It’s a simple distinction, and scrapper is the better fit here.

Yeah, I wish they would make changes because its not like the translations in other regions are even bad, they are understandable and often times better than what we have currently. Maybe they need a list presented to them of what we prefer. @Roxx @TrevzorFTW

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