Unplayable. FPS drops in chaos and in other instances


What are you guys patching? Since the patch like a month ago when I first made a post about this issue it’s getting worse and worse. Now I only have 10 fps while doing chaos dungeons and nothing changed on my end.

@Roxx Please look into it because it’s annoying. Also fix the EU TIMES


I noticed horrible frame drops in chaos on my newly created lance master.

My computer isn’t amazing or anything, but I’ve never had as horrible performance in chaos as I did this morning after the patch.


Same here, can see more fps drop in chaos dungeon since the last patch… sure it’s playable but really annoying.

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You guys should try disabling chat settings in both ‘Normal’ and ‘System’.
Disable all loot, exp, items, currency from both chat settings.

I know I was getting stutters and spikes awhile ago but then I read on reddit about the chat tab setting solution. Its been pretty damn smooth since then.


Will try it after maintenance

This method didn’t work for me…
The lag is just too much. T.T

Same here, but only in lancemaster chaos, lol.

Are you guys using windows 11??. That’s a no no of you’re a gamer. I’m on windows 10 pro and game runs good.

I’m on win10. Also turning of chat didn’t solve anything

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Since the last update i got my fps dropped in normal places. I was able to play like in 60fps and now they dropping at 45~50. Driver updated here. So it might be something with the new update.

Please fix it.

if u use the latest nvidia driver better uninstall it and go back to an older one, its absolute dogshit.

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Yea been having fps drops and stuttering, but only with Glaivier, happens even when questing outside, basicly when i start doing rotations, the skills ain’t even visually spectacular or something, it’s quite annoying getting to a point where its unplayable properly in bit harder content.
It is my 6th alt, had no issues on any other char, it’s always the same fps lag and stutter when playing Glaivier

Same, huge fps drops with lance master

I have the game on low settings and in the graphic card settings. Lost Ark is locked at 75 FPS.

That’s awesome but my problem is it used to run on high settings and with each patch I have to reduce it for no reason and it all started when they did something to the easy anti cheat…

I don’t use nvidia.
My setup is AMD RX 570 with Ryzen 7 1700, 16gb ram. I didn’t touch the drivers, for sure it’s bcuz the update.
The game was running normal since the last big update.

Hope they fix it.

I answered this in another post. Basically if you research the extra experience for alts in your stronghold. System chat output an extra line for each mob, the line gets cut off. Turning XP notifications fixes this.

Im assuming the text is overflowing in the code and causing memory leak.


pls that don’t do $hit, if the game was fine before patch and after it is having fps drop, it is clearly games fault, why should we try fix the damn game performance

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You literally just turn off chat notifications and it works lol. Just trying to help ,but you want to he salty and lag all day the do you lol.