Unplayable game - Queue takes half a day - HOTFIX REQUIRED NOW!

Issue: 14k players queue on a good try, it can be worse, enjoy 5-6h logging time sprinkled with error that shuts down the game.
Server: Kadan
Hotfix it or it’s literally unplayable. Nothing left to say, this is a poor joke, it takes half a day to log in.
What about our gameplay and game progress? Do you even care about founders and EU playerbase?
It’s a shame the game is so good and so poorly managed, you should all be fired started from the one who screwed up the deployment and pointing it to another environment up to the regional responsible.

You have no excuses, you were clearly unprepared and you are dragging the game’s reputation into the grave, it’s a shame since the game is so good.

I hope you fix it and your responsible staff gets fired.

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Yep, Wei from Central EU had no queue before f2p launch, now it sits at 13k. Completely unplayable

dont worry u can play from 01:00 am - 9:00 am without any que! Just drop work and wait to play at night :slight_smile: :slight_smile: jk

real game requires sacrifice KEK

I was disconnected from the game and couldn’t even get back into the queue with a (10023) error. Eventually got through and put into a 23k queue instead of back into the game. Doesn’t feel great.