Unplayable Lag Since 02/15 Patch

Hello, I’m a founder, tried to start playing day 1, but had error 10010 (I’m on Windows 7) but the reddit post:(https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/qn6g8a/windows_7_fix_for_cannot_connect_to_the_server/) Solved my problem. Playing since with 0 issues. GAME IS AWESOME. But since today’s patch, the game is unplayable constant lag (I just activated in game to see my ping cause I had 0 issues before today’s patch) and my ping is now constant 125-140 with spike going from 700 to 4000 since this morning and this is constant. I tested my internet for 30 minutes, everything else works 100% it’s only Lost Ark related. I’m playing on Avesta tried to ask on Discord, General chat in game and guild, some friends on Discord with me atm have 0 issues ping from 5 to 15 constant. So I tried starting on a new server and the lag is the same.

Same here, 3hrs 45 minutes of queuing then played for about 30 mins with up to 6000ms random lag spikes then eventually got disconnected in a chaos dungeon going to the 3rd area. Guess that’s it for me today, cant even get back in the queue. Will be seeking a refund from Steam for my founders pack as I don’t want to fund this ineptitude.

Well, I’m trying ping for like 30 minutes on a new server (Kharmine) and it’s the same, constant 125-140 (yellow color) instead of white ping, with the random 600 to 6000 ping. It clearly changed with today’s patch

Lag has spiked alot since todays patch. Going from 150 up to 800. Playin on the UNA server.

I’m playing with people from 4 discords, around I’d say 50 players and I’m talking to people and testing ping, one of my IRL friend is testing atm he’s at constant 45, he was saying all is ok and boom just got a 2600 spike too. So I guess it’s a lot of people, on another discord, some people can’t even connect because of error 10027

Just tested my ping in league for 15 minutes just to be sure, 33 to 36 ms constant, NEVER a spike. 2 hours of speedtest and ping test, everything is 100% on my side.

I just had a white ping (64) and I almost busted! But before I had time to do so my ping was back to 600 red :frowning:

Hello @Vernafel and eveyone else! Hope you are doing great today! :dragon:

Welcome! We are glad to have you here! Thank you for posting into our forums!:sparkles:

I’m sorry to hear that you have been experiencing high ping spikes and constant lag, we surely don’t wanthis kind of issues to happen as we want everyone to have their adventures at Arkesia in the best way possible.

I would like you to try this troubleshooting steps:

If by trying these steps you keep experiencing lag spikes please reach out to us trough live chat here: Contact Us | Amazon Games to escalate the issue and see if we can get a solution for your case.

Hope this can help you out! Take care everyone!

See you in Arkesia!:crossed_swords: :leaves:

Stop joking around. Everything else in open world is fine but when you click “Matchmaking” or “Enter” any dungeon its starts lagging as f***. Click “Accept” you have to wait 1-2mins to enter even 30s timer ends you still gona be teleported to dungeon later. Its not players problem. To many ppl are on servers they cant handle so many.

Personnally for me it’s everywhere, in town doing nothing, in pvp, in my stronghold, been like this for 4 hours and ½ with my constant monitoring. I guess patch day no play for me, I mean it’s playable, but anything that require good reaction I can’t do. Even when I play a song or get my mount i can feel the delay but since the start I never experienced it, so it’s 100% patch related.

starting like at 20:00 yesterday, the lag seems to have fixed by itself. And this morning seems good too. Maybe hotfix fixed it.