Unplayable stutters on beefy computer

It is weird. I had the same problem in one game before. I think it was called New World. I wonder, if there is a connection between these two very different game. We got a real mystery at our hands here.

It’s the same developer, or atleast publisher.

I was inside the house when quest lady gives me new quests and then i started to sink under the ground, then for a while it went to the skys on me its insine.

Try to cap your FPS to 60 if stops studdering then raise it by 10 until it starts to annoy you. There some weird hardware combinations that seemingly dont want to work together. And if able move the game from M2 drive to SSD it has helped some ppls. And windows 11 is still a “mess” to be considered, but leave that to the last thing to try

Im running far lower gear PC on win10 and Im doing just fine.

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Tried both m2 drive and sata ssd, no difference there. There are less stuttering at 60 but I won’t play at that low refreshrate

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Ive also heard it has to do something with the recent Win10 and 11 update

my guess its some hardware combinations that just tank fps, but if im not mistaken, these porblems had a few people in RU and KR too