Unpopular opinion about the roadmap

Honestly speaking, this seems to be an unpopular opinion but im content with this roadmap so far for the following reasons:

  1. Didn’t expect to get the roadmap today.

  2. Was hoping for Vykas release this month and i was quite skeptical but I’m glad they are releasing it this month.

  3. Every other month a new class is honestly not that bad and I’m happy they clarified their plans about class releases instead of keeping us guessing.

  4. More skins and i believe these are the 1st anniversary ones?

  5. Challenge abyssal and thronespire really big plus.

Overall i think they did a good job considering the fact that they are probably omitting some things from the road map of which they arent 100% sure of yet such as events.

Good job AGS and Smilegate!


I would be saying the same thing if I got the class I wanted, but didn’t.

So where is the dislike button?


Arent anniversary skins free in all other regions but guess what, not for us

Honestly, they should have released the support class first, as how they redacted it, it will be the last one to be released

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worst idea in history

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its the legendary ones not the anniversary

I think everyone can agree with all points, except 3. Maybe you’re not as invested as other people are with the classes, maybe you already have the class you like. But reducing the pace that was already felt by a good part of the community as not fast enough is definitely not good.

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And why is that?

I’m happy about Vykas as well - best news on there. The rest of it…well, a bit underwhelming honestly. There isn’t much content here. We keep hearing about how summer is when SGR spoils the community with tons of events, hyper express, class releases, tons of playable content, skins etc… and this just looks like a normal couple of months, nothing special here. No surprise, no real hype etc…

On top of that, they are going to give us an express event with only one new class along with the powerpass for again, one new (fairly unpopular) class. I’m honestly not sure what’s going on but at least we get Vykas here shortly - should be fun.

1.- Every roadmap we got so far is released on Wednesday, so it was obvious

2.- In every region Vykas took place 1 month after Valtan

3.- A class every 2 months is literally how to make those who are waiting for their favorite class a death to the game, because if u do maths, 2 of the 4 classes that are missing will come out in 2023. Quite bad.

4.- They have no shame in putting in the legendary skins teaser a picture of Summoner and Reaper, like wtf are u doing

5.- That’s nice

Overall, bad roadmap

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Because only a small percentage of people would even be prepared for this. Most ppl are still stuck with Valtan NM.

Thronespire is the Bridge

hmm i haven’t had any problem, for 2 weeks i did it with pugs. My guild doing hard mode, i am still 1437. There are many people over 1415. And there are 2 more weeks till the patch.

yeah was also really nice for them to tell us we aren’t getting summoner or reaper in the same roadmap where they show us a picture of a summoner and a reaper.

the new skins with “yoz’s jar” has both summoner and reaper in the preview image

not only are they telling us we aren’t getting the classes, but throwing salt in our wounds.


I’m pretty happy with it. Two months between classes gives me enough time to build up mats for those classes without feeling burnt out.

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Well you can’t please everyone, it did please me and I’m glad they are communicating better and giving us stuff.

Also in all honesty the road map could have came out next week and we wouldn’t be able to say anything since they just came back from kr.

I think people just gotta think more positively lol

Roadmap would have been good if they didn’t change the class release rate and add these gambling boxes. Too bad they did.

the legendary skins we are getting are from Season 2. Also summoner and reaper are in there because it’s a reused graphic.

Unpopular, but not uncommon.

Happy with what is coming here. Want to make an Arcanist too…

I actually predicted no class in June. I thought it would be summoner before arcana though.

I mean we knew the legendary skin boxes were coming evntually