Unpopular opinion about the roadmap

Easy for people to say who aren’t waiting on their main.

Did we? They said the game was going to be less p2w, yet here they are, unchanged.

Who says I’m not waiting? @Seussiii

Roadmap is good, more detailed and more communication.

Anything else about its content is a personal opinion. I guess the main grievance is 1 new class every 2 months.

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Where did they say it would be less p2w?
Also everyone keeps complaining “we aren’t going to catch up tp KR, KR has this and we don’t, when do we get this from KR” but when things like this come to NA from KR, people are mad lol

I’m pretty much satisfied overall as well when I took a look at it. For the release of classes I have no opinion on it if it comes it comes. I’ll try it out and move on.

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The thing that’s annoying about the whole class cadence “controversy” is that Gold River himself established that cadence before the game even came out here. We knew what classes the game would launch with, and we knew the expected class release cycle. It was only after starting to play the game that people decided to set their own expectations, and then got angry when those expectations weren’t met. At no point did AGS or Smilegate ever commit to a faster cadence than that.

Overall though, the best way I can think of to describe the Roadmap was “vanilla”. Nothing really surprising. Not terrible, but not exciting either.

I am happy with the roadmap for the same reasons you are :slight_smile: Super hyped for Vykas in particular! And also new skins!

It’s unfortunate that so many people are negative here on the forums :frowning: I can understand that there is some frustration about classes they want to play, but a class every two months is not terrible, I would’ve preferred one every month - but there are other things to be happy about like Vykas ^^

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