[Unpopular opinion] Add a function to view the main character of individuals in the forum

After interacting with a couple of individuals in the forum, I realized it’d be very nice to be able to inspect their main character profile via the forum (like many other forums).

I’m not a big fan of forums but sometimes you have to voice your opinions somehow and I find this to be the only channel AGS cares about.


Why not make it so that you can view their roster instead?


would be nice!

Why you want to see my Legendary Strong Will Engraving? :rofl:

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Agree to Disagree

  • This falls into API issue, if they actually had implemented API to begin with, we should have a site that show this information already

  • Newbies might get ignored and bullied, I think this can be somehow improved if you have a newbie icon on someone who is new to the game & forums.

  • This is nice for guide writing. since once you know the person writing it has higher achievement in that class, it is one of the ways of showing they have a deeper understanding of the class as well.

So, generally a good idea, might go wrong in wrong hands, imo

no,thank u, my pally is nude at the moment.

no thank you

you know the toxicity of people

unless you make posting “but you are running XXX and YYY, your opinion doesn’t matter” a bannable offense

then sure

Preferably not. Pretty sure alot of forum andys would report me for rmt just because im 1470 with a +21 weapon which is obviously impossible to achieve and must be millions in rmt

stop cheating with your 999,999 rmt, sir

Sorry I just has fomo that I wouldn’t manage to get brelshaza rdy fast enough

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