Unpopular opinion(?): Artificially prolonging AFK should be a bannable offense

Let me start off by saying that this is not the players’ fault. This is 100% on AGS for spreading half the population of Europe on 2 clusters in USA, while bottlenecking double the population of USA into a single cluster in Europe. Whomever came up with that bright idea needs to take an exit. And launching a second cluster a full week after the fact — and after assuring European players that you were definitely prepared for the influx post early access — the damage is simply already done.

That being said; queues at this scale lead to people using macros, remote access and other methods to prolong AFK’ing indefinitely. This has basically resulted in ghost towns where 80% of players in the bigger cities are AFK-running into walls or otherwise not moving.

If you’re not actively playing past the 30-minute mark and using any such methods to stay online — you need to realise that you’re actively contributing to the problem.

I’ll go as far as to say (and this is just speculation on my part) that players prolonging the stay of an inactive logged in character through automation, remote access or similar methods are the number 1 reason why queues — especially early in the day — are this extreme.



On one hand I totally side with you but I also see the side of the people who are using these afk macros (except people who do it to leave themselves logged in overnight while they sleep).

If people are queuing up while theyre at work and using remote access to keep themselves logged in an extra hour or two so they can play when they get home I think thats understandable. Same goes for people that need to run an errand for an hour or so. The queues are just too long as it stands. I feel like people who waited in a 6 hour queue deserve to keep their spot for a decent while but not extending to when their night of gaming is finished.

Problem is it’s hard to differenciate the 2 from amazons side of things since they would most likely be using automated bots to do the banning.

It should never be on the players to solve the issues, which is why hoping for EUC players to drop everything and migrate to EUW is such a half-assed none-solution. It obviously isn’t happening either, judging by the queues.

We’re in total agreeance, however, that there’s a fine line between misjudging queue time by an hour (it’s hard to judge a queue at this scale) and using one of these methods to stick it out until you can get home — as opposed to prolonging inactivity for several hours on end.