Unpopular opinion: Carryculture is destroying the game


As of now players can easily reach 1415 without ever doing anything. The “challenging” content (abyssal dungeons and Argos) is trivialized by overgeared players, that simply have to roll their heads on their keyboards and oneshot bosses. While many are glad to be carried through the entire content, for me it has become a great source of frustration as i actually like to be challenged by the games i choose to play.

My suggestion: Either remove all loot, that is appealing to overgeared players, from “lowlvl” dungeons (cards and books) or make them only accessible for the proper ilvl (like the weekly gold in abyssals), or scale them down to fit the proper ilvl (like the challenge abyssal dungeons, which sadly can only be done once per roster). Overgeared players can still flex their gems and engravings, but maybe not oneshot everything in sight.

This might have the additional effect, that a majority of players know how to play mechanics when they reach the legion raids, which is not the case right now.

As it stands right now, everything below Argos is just a chore and offers no gratification upon completion.
I realize, that most of the content is half a year old and players that have been doing this since day one probably don’t want to be challenged by content they have seen a hundred times by now, however for me as a newer player most of the abyssal runs i have done so far were plain boring, because there is always a 1370+ farming cards.
For those who have snarkily suggested to me i should use the party finder instead of matchmaking: noone is joining, as it is far easier to just get carried through it (thus: unpopular opinion) nevertheless i think the game would profit greatly if the lowlvl content was kept challenging and alive. Also: Argos busses have become so cheap, that argos is effectively skipped by many.
I would hate to see the game become a simple rng simulator only :confused:

Just my two cents, will probably not change anything, but the forum is for venting, or so i heard :smiley:
Anyways hfgl to all


All of the folks moved, and consider their fun doing activities as Valtan HM and Vykas MM/HM nowadays. The 1370 you complain about are just Lopang slaves or alts on their way to 1430.

There is no new blood in the game other than bots and even if those you complain about are new players, how can you expect them to try to play the old content when everyone tells them the fun begins with Legion Raids? (which starts at Valtan).

Only solution for you is just to get on the wagon and hone your way to where everyone is already e.g. 1430 for Valtan HM and Vykas.


PS. You didn’t say what’s your roster like so you sound very “smartass” the way you write, just fyi.
PS2. The game already is simple rng simulator, rng is the only thing that makes Vykas hard, you either get well practiced patterns and it’s easy kill or she goes bonkers and stacks patterns.

The problem is that everything that is not a carrot tied to a stick ends up abandoned. That’s why the game “forces” you to play alters. Go focused on getting the most gold with a 14 or 16 hour workday every day. So it looks like the content 1302-1370-1415 is not dead.

The same thing happens with horizontal content, islands for example. If an assault island only rolls token, it will become impossible to draw. Ghost ships the same. They are completed once at the weekend rush hour, then toss out paid auto-complete daily because no one passes by.

the real problem is the underlying game design

instead of doing something 10 times, they let you do it once and lock you out

if people had to do it 10 times to get their loot, they wouldn’t be paying as much to get carried. people doing the carrying wouldn’t be getting much it wouldn’t be worth their time to bother carrying people

granted i don’t WANT to do something 10 times, then have to do it again on 5 more alts 10 times each…

but then again, if EVERYONE is getting less money for stuff… maybe that is a better way to run an economy and have a healthier game

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The problem you’re describing is that Lost Ark is not designed as a game you enjoy, but an addiction you have to satisfy.

So it only leaves room for performance and not for fun activities. The only enjoyable challenge in this game will forever reside in the last-released legion boss for like 3 weeks (once Clown arrives, Vykas will join the Obsolete Content Graveyard, only farmed by hardcore people to maximize profits).

As i stated above i am a newer player… i have been playing for 3 weeks on EUW until i was told EUW is dead (it was suggested to me by the game when i started) so i switched to EUC and have been playing an unhealthy amount in the past 3 weeks. My main is at 1400 i have alts at 1370, 1310, 900, and 460. I started on EUC when the Powerpasses were disabled, which hindered my progression somewhat. My experience is based on what i have seen in the party finder, and what i have read in the chat (mainly people complaining about “clowns”, that don’t know how to play Valtan etc… as you realize i can’t say much about Valtan upwards myself.) As i started when powerpasses were disabled my first alt was raised by playing through it all again. I have a copious amount of Tier 2 Gems which are currently on my 900 Deathblade, which was just forcefed the Yorn abyssals. I am sorry if i come across as a smartass, that was not my intention. As i clearly stated, this is just my two cents and i am mainly venting. But you are (of course) entitled to your own opinion. I am also not a native english speaker, so the way i write may read weirdly… however that was absolutely not the point of my post ^^

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oh wow, very helpful thanks :slight_smile:

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I think you’re on a very good roll, just have to scrap that remaining 15 ilvl on your main and you will reach the fun you want (meaning Valtan)! You’re obviously eager for the content the game promises and I tell you, once you hit Legion Raids it will finally be fun to play :slight_smile:

I feel like a ol’ grampa remembering the thrill of doing Abyssals when you’re on the curve with top player base, the Alaric was a nightmare to learn with 7 other randoms, I tell you!

PS. I am not English speaker either and I really have hard time to read what people mean via text, I miss the body cues fiercely.
PS2. Ignore naysayers, they ain’t playing since 480 and know nothing about game or have maturity of a potato.

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I will stay by what I said, tho. The 1370 you see are mostly people’s 5th/6th alts and they just don’t want to do that content any more. I do that myself, but via carry4carry route, I carry your alt then next run you carry mine, it works well for Oreha and Argos. The fun begins with Valtan raids, there are obviously people who try to carry those but there is plenty of normal folks doing in on ilvl, you can even organise learning party if you want. You just have to power through!

PS. It’s the most inspirational I can get, I hope it’s enough :wink:

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It’s not destroying the game but it already did. At the first wipe it’s a disband. I played all mmo released so far since 2004 and I swear this is the first time I see something like that. If matchmaking bless you and rng gives you a 1470+ in your party everybody is happy, the dungeon last 5 minutes, you don’t waste a single pots and grab the rewards. If matchmaking hates you and gives you no carry, a dungeon can last moire than one hour, people go toxic, you loose HUNDREDS of gold in pots, you disband a f get no rewards putting all your resources and time in the trash.

Again, Koreans are not good bad at creating video games but only complicated business models. That’s why they all focus on mobile shi there…


How can players helping players destroy a game? If people know a game has a good, friendly and helpful community, more people will flock to it and the game becomes more popular.

You really need to look at the much wider picture as to why this game isn’t all that its been made out to be and it isn’t because of players helping players.

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because it’s not “players helping players”

it’s players PROFITING from “helping” others, which doesn’t really make it helping at all since you’re in it for yourself to begin with

that being said, people not playing the content is definitely a problem area. it’s a game, not a youtube video

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No its not, if people are willing to pay then its players helping players.

Cry more little baby.


the logic applies to drug dealers as well then right?

Again, if people are willing to pay others for help then its players helping players.

I don’t care what real life situations you try and compare it to, more people buy busses then the few 10 people that cry on the forums about bussing being bad for the game, so cry more little baby.


the opinion of someone who excuses scamming old people, ladies and gentlemen


Cry more, real life situations aren’t comparable to games and people helping each other in a game, so please do cry more.

Infact prove that bussing is a scam.

so diablo immortal didn’t scam anyone. because SOMEONE actually paid them

they HELPED the people that bought their shit

Ok so any game that charges then is scam.