Unpopular Opinion - NA Server Issues

Real quick.

If you are creating a character, and proceed to select a server indicated as “FULL”…it’s on you. Use your brains folks. Stop pretending like this same issue didn’t affect 85% of you that played NW at launch.

Oh, and stop saying things such as:

Lock new character creation
Create more servers

You guys got just that, and then complained about it for months on end.

Use your brains, don’t create a toon on a full server, and enjoy the game.

Stop consciously choosing to go outside when it’s raining without an umbrella and complaining you’re getting wet.


All EU servers are full at the moment. Now what do you have to say?

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Never read a more 3Head take in my life

Take a look at the New World forums and come back with more useful input.

NA servers**